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Set-up on Saturday, June 2, 2007, this site has been established to address human rights issues. I have always been disturbed, concerned, and saddened by humanity's preoccupation with fearing difference. Ethnic conflict, criminalizing sexuality, exclusionary processes, political and religious frameworks guaranteeing division; these are ever-present topics taking place in all parts of the world. On the other hand I have always been inspired by communities and states that have moved forward in a quest to guarantee universal rights for all, creating laws which include rather than exclude certain groups. I have also been inspired by individuals who challenge others to think about prejudice, racism- discrimination at all levels. My challenge to friends, family, and the bloggers reading this is to become aware of new places with human rights abuses, learn about inspirational people, send stories, and make people aware. You can send messages out through your own sites, in emails to friends, or to the comments section of my blog. If you have links, videos, literature, etc, that you would like added send me a note (email in my full profile below). Terry

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Right Way to Do Things

We are in a very interesting yet disturbing period in history. Life is leaning to the right, pivoting on the side of economic growth, religious fundamentalism, and conservative social policy. Globally, we are more concerned with trade deficits than with human development; more in touch with an irrational interest in the evils of those people who fall outside of the norms, than in the creation of human connection and the acceptance of diversity.

Globally, there is much to be concerned about. Certain African nations are becoming more concerned with the targeting of sexual minorities, women, and children, in an effort to superstitiously rid themselves of poverty, corruption, disease, and famine. Education, healthcare and science have taken a back seat to witchcraft and scapegoating.

Europe is becoming increasingly Xenophobic, paying lip service to a more unified community, while reducing immigration and excluding those who are undesirable; tougher policies are ensuring that the European Community is not at risk of progressive multiculturalism.

In our own backyard, a new era of conservatism is upon us. Canada has never really known (from what I know) a government so right on the scale that we can actually hear our voices being taken away from us. This country has long shown itself to be a progressive entity even in times of hardline world trends. But alas, we have succumbed to the pressures of a new world order, forged years ago by G. Bush as a way to make certain that fear and paranoia prevail.

Stephen Harper will create a new Canada, made up of a Science Minister who does not believe in evolution, a Health Minister who will privatize healthcare and profit from the illness of others, and an Education Minister who will opt to put a balanced budget ahead of literacy and an enlightened future generation. Mr Harper has already done away with development funding , and is monitoring our speech online, and although won't admit it, is planning to deny women sexual/reproductive rights, reserve marriage for "traditional" partnerships, and put more and more funding into Draconian law enforcement measures and bigger prisons.

We are in a changing world, one which has forgotten the mistakes of the past, and is downplaying our mutual responsibilities to one another...humans have the capacity for great developments and progress, but as history shows, we also have the capacity for great destruction. Although I would like to have faith in the former, I realistically predict the latter.

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SuperchilledTrevor said...

It sounds like you've had quite a backflip in Canada. In times of economic downturn people tend to focus more on their cash flow than on their social wellbeing / humanity. It's more sad that people don't make truly informed decisions when voting.
Good luck. But out of the ashes often come great things.